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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I liked the monkeys with the funny pink bottoms.

Well yesterday was Garret's classroom trip to the zoo. We were a fantastically-interesting parade of leashes, picture cues, calming toys, and "sorry", "excuse us", "whoops!" etc. Some kids hid their faces to avoid the crowd. Some pulled the clothes of innocent passer-bys. Some screeched every 10-15 seconds. The teachers and parents were all packin' the gummy bears for desperate moments. And with all that the only bummer was the rain. We had a GREAT time.
Isn't he handsome?
The elephant was captivating and the two seemed to have a moment.
Garret really perked up watching the penguins "dance" in the water.
OK. ONE picture with mom. (Actually, teacher-Michelle took about 8 pictures as Garret squirmed.)

I honestly don't know how those teachers manage that group every day. I went home, sent Garret outside to play, and seriously crashed on the couch. I don't even remember what Oprah was about.


Christy Jones said...

Awsome trip, You have inspired me, I really need to check out the zoo here. Love the picture of you with Garret.

Brenda said...

You could write about a trip to the mail box and it'd be fun to read. Keep blogging! Keep blogging!

nuttbutts said...

i have a crush on garrett its true...if only he knew. but he is so aloof when i am around i am sure he doesnt return the feeling:( well maybe if i put myself out there a little more or maybe if i draped myself in bright tinsle and long noisy smacky thingies he would notice me...huhu, whatdaya think?

lindsay said...

Sara that's hilarious! I love how you love my boy.

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