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Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, thanks for asking!

Friday evening Mike went out with a buddy while my friend, Frieda, came over and watched an old Judy Garland movie with me. It was "In the [something] Summertime". And though I'm not a big Garland fan, and we both agreed that the 'love' scene was creepy-dumb, I was entertained.
I think this needs to be a regular thing. Old Movie Night at Lindsay's! And I'll provide the homemade kettlecorn. Yes? (Next will be something with Jimmy Stewart.)

Saturday I ran fast 'cause I am a RUNNER! (My mom told me an inspiring story, and it inspired me.) (That'll be a future post.)

Saturday night was our ward's scout auction. It was fun as we passed around our stuff and gave money for our youth programs. I came away with a shrub-like bush and a small toy kitchen. $2.25! (If this inspires my girls to cook, they are never leaving home.)

(This cookie is real. The plastic ones were gross.)

Sunday was a, umm, fun whirlwind of church, kids, musical numbers, kids, choir practice, kids, and more church stuff. As crazy as Sundays are, when I'm sick, I really do miss it...
Also, Suzie solidified the word 'no'. It's really cute! ...for now.

Today was also a bit of a blur, but that's 'cause I took the wrong allergic meds and 'zombied' out. -Nice excuse for a nap, though. Maybe I'll make the same mistake tomorrow...

...But today I did manage another run (thanks Sara!) 'cause I am a RUNNER!!!

Well, that's my four-day wrap-up. Was it worth it?

Oh, and Melissa- ugly pics of my kids just don't exist. Otherwise your wish is my demand, of course.


Christy Jones said...

I admire that you are a runner, I am a wanna be runner! I go and do it but don't enjoy it much. I am more of an explorer! I love to explore new trails,ponds,bike trails and so on.

Brenda said...

A runner!! Yeah!!

Is she really saying No? I LOVE it!

Radke said...

I think it is "In the Good Ole Summertime" and I like that movie. Old movies are fun and they are usually clean and uplifting. Jimmie Stewart is one of my favorite old-time actors! I don't think I have seen one of his movies yet that I didn't like. Cary Grant is good, too.

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