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Friday, August 6, 2010

If I ever did this again...

I mean, get married, I would ELOPE. (Not that I have plans...)
I shot a wedding a couple weeks ago. (Went awesomely well!) Got one this Saturday. Another the following Saturday. The last is my sis-in-law's and so I'm watching the 'behind-the-scenes' and UGH. It's fun but UGH. So much stress, money, time over little details and frills. I don't mean to knock the process, just wanna say that I've had my fill and, like I said, will elope ...if John Travolta is ever available. (He's my celebrity crush. Mike knows and has one himself.)

There is something thrilling, though, about watching a couple teeter their way through the biggest day of their lives. Typically the mothers are bustling, the fathers laying-low, the groom goofing off all macho-like with his posse, and the brides managing it all from the back-room while a friend fusses over her buttons. heehee And I get it all on camera. I LOVE my job!

So Lindsay, with your experience, what advise would you give spouses-to-be?

START on time.
FEED your guests well.
Get GOOD pictures. (hint, hint. wink, wink.)
KNOW that something WILL go wrong. It'll be small so let it go.
PRAISE all your helpers.

Thanks Lindsay. You know everything.

Well, this has been a nice break from photoshop but alas, I've work to do...

p.s. Anyone that is now worried about my marriage just know that the last I heard, John Travolta is in his 50's. Is happily married. And smokes. Three strikes. He's out. ...maybe

p.p.s. I think Mike's gal is Angelina Jolie. He once said I look like her. HAHA. Nice try hun-bun.


Oyama Family said...

you crack me up :)

Becca Jane said...

That pink daisy is GORGEOUS!! I agree about weddings. Mine was SO simple. Easy.

Nate and I have celebrity loves too. Mine is Wentworth Miller from Prison Break, and Nate's is Kate Beckinsale.

Brenda said...

I COMPLETELY agree. (Why do we wise up AFTER the wedding?) I've even planned my elopement. But since I always plan it with your Dad as the groom, t'will always remain just a plan.

But thank goodness for all silly head-in-the-clouds brides. Otherwise business would be much more slim for photographers.

And I also agree with Mandy. You are hilarious.

Sue O said...

My celebrity crushes have to be NICE. Just sayin'. Johnny walks a fine line there. And Angelina doesn't even come close. I am known to boycott movies on account of the stars' shenanigans. Tom Cruise will never grace my retinas again. Nor Mel Gibson. Kevin Costner has not seen them for years. Brad Pitt, sadly, the same. My list of allowable movies is getting smaller by the minute! But, America is still the land of the free (last time I checked) so you two can have your John and Angelina. You're welcome.

lindsay said...

Sue- I've never heard of John-John not being nice! No, no don't tell me. I'd rather swoon in ignorance...

Cristin said...

I told my girls that I hope they elope...with me and their dad there. lol I didn't want a wedding, I just wanted to be married.

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