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Friday, August 13, 2010

Where I became Layla Cancan

Got home late last night from Girls' Camp. OMG-oodness. I'm on a corny-cloud nine feeling like I love everybody, and everything, and my bubble is indestructible.
I love Girls' Camp! I may not be the best leader as, during the week, I have the maturity of a 13-yr-old. (It's the s'mores and torturous camp-songs, I think.) But gosh-darn it, we have a jolly time.

Some of my favorite moments:
-Putting our hair up in buns and crazy-braids 'cause when the rest of you is covered in bug-bites and dust you might as well look FABULOUS..
-Performing our skit with water guns, umbrellas, and Gene kelly's "Singing in the Rain".
-Watching my girls 'sizzle like bacon' to claim their 'lost-and-founds'.
-Fake-fighting (for yet another skit) with Fran Pettipacker and Marleen Fishpit.
-Re-naming (with sharpie-tattoos) my fellow-leaders: Fran Pettipacker, Marleen Fishpit, and Daphne Tattiloon. (This is how I became Layla Cancan.)
-Making flamboyantly-floral hair clips which we all promised to wear to church on Sunday. (I better not be the only one...)
-Hiking the mountains with Val. (Hi VAL!!)
-Experimenting around the campfire. (Oreos are pretty good roasted.)
-Cuddles and hugs from the girls. Layla Cancan is mushy...
-Laughing hysterically to every potty joke under the sun..
-Star gazing with Prissy Pringle and Natasha Stogerson. (Yes, the girls got new-name tattoos too!).
-Getting blasted with C & C Music Factory at 6:30 am.
-Sharing a tent with Marleen Fishpit who doesn't snore. (Hey Sheri, LOOK LOOK!! This cantaloupe is SCRUMPTIOUS!! MMMMM!)
-Feeding Bradley and Other-Bradley cheese-its and peanuts. (Even the chipmunks got names!!)
-Listening to the girls sing hymns.
-Watching the girls laugh, sing, work, and play together.
-Deciding 5 minutes ago to drive back tonight for the last night. (Layla's not done yet!)


Sue O said...

Wow, Layla, that almost makes me want to go to girl's camp.

Becca Jane said...

Fun.....Oregon girls camp was the best! I still have my camp necklace... Are you going to post pictures of all of this fun?

lindsay said...

Sue- Should I add that we had chocolate???
Becca- Pics are coming! I didn't take my camera so I'm waiting for some emails...

Val said...


Solana said... you smell smoke?

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