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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lookin' good on a Tuesday.

I know a gal who made little cards that say- My child has autism. Thank you for your patience. Here are some websites if you'd like to learn more... She hands them out whenever there is an incident or what-have-you in public. It's really cool and I'm just too lazy to do the same.

But anyway I thought of this as I sat in the waiting room at the 'toof' doctor's today with Garret and Brenda. How do my kids appear to others?

They were pretty calm and happy. It was probably me that looked, at all, strange. (Keeping kids rounded up, saving plants, rescuing magazines, etc...)

But I'm happy to talk to anyone who asks about my goofy kids.

One lady sat and watched Brenda with a smile on her face. I bet she thought Brenda was the cutest thing she's ever seen. (Or maybe she was wondering why Brenda kept saying, 'I'm a real girl!') (some cartoon, I guess...)

I noticed another gal observing Garret. I know, he's quite handsome, right? (She was probably wondering why he kept humming and slapping the floor.)

When people do ask me questions they seem very cautious. They're worried they'll offend me. I'm not one of those parents that will get defensive and exclaim, "My kids are PERFECT! Maybe it's YOU that has the problem!" (I've heard of this, seriously.)

So today we went to the dentist...

I was not prepared for the success of our outing today. I didn't mind the bill being twice the amount I imagined because it was the direct result of Brenda getting x-rays and both getting a full cleaning. WOW! Brenda thanked the 'toof' doctor, (it was his assistant, but she was wearing the garb so...) sang during the cleaning, and after the x-rays said, "MMMM, delicious!!" Garret waited patiently with smiles and giggles for his turn. He was a bit nervous during the cleaning but I held his hands and patted his arms... (I like being his mommy.)

So as we drove home Garret laid his head down with a smile. Brenda dug through her goody bag and just had to try out her new princess tooth brush. I asked her if she liked going to the dentist. After a few seconds she softly said 'yes'. Then, moments later, exclaimed- "My teef are CLEAN!!!"

When we got home Suzie and I played catch and she kept saying 'bow'. (ball)

And we had hawaiian hay stacks for dinner.

YAY for Tuesday!!


DeAnn said...

Great post! I wish I could know you and your family better. But this blog is helping.

nuttbutts said...

so as we were looking at this elliott asked where the picture of garrett was...when i showed him i told him he was waiting. elliott "hes good at waiting!" yup...he sure is. something elliott aspires too!

Brenda said...

Did Garret actually sit still for the dentist? I can hardly believe it. I've tried to trim his fingernails, and that child can squirm!

I love the picture of Brenda in the chair.

Actually, I love everything you post.

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