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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If we had 35 candles this cobbler would be a-flamin'.

What the heck??
Is he really that old?
Yes folks, it's true. No worries, though. I'm still a vivaciously-delightful 31-yr-old. Mike is fording our path into old-age.
Funny thing is that the older we get the further away 'old-age' gets.

But anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!
Even though you're 35 you still...

1. have GAWGEOUS eyes.
2. dance like nobody's watching when everybody's watching.
3. whistle when I stoop.
4. get nervous over seafood.
5. strut after a hair-cut.
6. can't say 'signal'. (Come's out 'single'.)
7. flirt with me on the phone.
8. get excited about birthday parties.
9. like sword-fighting.
10. cuddle.
Good luck with year 36, darling husband. May the diapers be few, the cars run smooth, and your wife remain hot.


Sue O said...

Your not old till you're 80. That's my new philosophy.

Ellen said...

Awww, how sweet! Hope Mike has a great birthday! :)

nuttbutts said...

i love it when the whistle...just makes my day. happy birthday mike!

Christy Jones said...

Happy birthday to Mike!! 35 is the new 25 didn't ya know?

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