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Monday, August 23, 2010

photoshop gets a shout-out

This is us about a year ago. We look perfect don't we? (Never mind that Suzie looks a little macho.)
We sat down. Counted down. Aaaaaand POOF!! A perfect picture.

Now if you believe that then you're a little silly.

Mike's buddy bounced around the camera while snapping the trigger over and over and over again. Then I spent too much time cutting and pasting and painting and warping to join together about 5 pictures. Aaaaaaand POOF!!! A pretty family.

So, it's wedding season and I've been immersed in photoshop so much that my right hand is starting to cramp around the mouse. (That sounds weird.) I am a proud 'fake-photographer'. As long as a photo has good 'bones', it's at the computer that I do what makes me salivate...

...make pretty pictures.

here's the 'raw'-

and after a little photoshopidazzling-mmmmm... And I don't feel guilty at all.

Now that my secret is out I need someone to buy me a new computer 'cause this one is starting to poop-out from doing all the work and getting no credit.


P.S. Here's one of my favorite lines from one of my new favorite movies 'Run, Fat Boy, Run'
"Never pop another man's pustule."

P.P.S. The first time I ever heard the word 'pustule' was in college. I immediately walked up to our dry-erase board and made a note that that word was not allowed. gross.

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Christy Jones said...

I wish I could photoshop! I love how much better the pictures look. I can never seem to get all three kids looking happy!

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