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Saturday, October 1, 2011

aka "Hucko Tider"

"Little" brother Tyler and I are sitting at the computer while the kids are watching an evening movie.
We're playing a game- building houses and fighting giant spiders.  You know, all that really important stuff us adults do while on the computer.

Unfortunately this game attracts children.  Who do they think they are? 

Tyler opens a web page with stock market updates.

Every time a kid approaches the page pops up and our conversation changes,

"Man, that NASDAQ is all wild and stuff."

"I am so down with the DOW."

"Any value in aluminum?"

It only takes a minute for the child to bore of us boring old people and they're back to their movie.

We smirk and go back to the game.

I like being an adult...

Here's some Tyler shots for the all the single ladies out there...
All the ladies say "Hey"!


Becca Jane said...

Yeah, I have no idea why those awesome brothers of yours aren't married! They are such catches, not to mention, they get to be related to your entire family! (And me...kind of. haha!)

Val said...

Dang...we need to start that trick!

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