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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Showing off Oregon

After less than 3 hours of sleep I snuck out of the house at 4:55 am Saturday to meet a group of fellow-photography enthusiasts.  We wanted to get into the Columbia Gorge before the sun came up.

Look!  Look where we were!!

We handed off  tripods as we scaled huge logs and waded through freezing water.  I was the only one without boots so I just shrugged and eventually ended up with jeans soaked up to the pockets.

Yes, I am wearing my daughter's hat.  It kept the frizz down and my head warm...

My dad (one of the enthusiasts) was excited to try out some new lenses.  (I had to try out a couple of his lenses too.  He's turning me into a lens snob, dang it.)

That's my dad!  Hi dad!!

A most excellent outing.  

Next is talk of a historical downtown Portland photo shoot.  I'm feeling goofy with anticipation!  

Want to see more of my trip pics?  I tossed 'em onto the *photoblog*.  (Don't laugh at my sloppy signature.  I'm yet to catch up on sleep!)


Jen said...

You are an adventurer! Beautiful Oregon, beautiful photos, beautiful you!

Christy Jones said...

We used to travel the old Highway when I was a kid. We had so much fun counting waterfalls. Its such a beautiful drive!

GoofyJ said...

I miss Oregon!!! (I miss you and everyone too :-) )

Brenda said...


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