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Monday, October 10, 2011

A movie worth the hype.

So a couple friends and I saw The Help.  I had heard the ravings over the book and the high marks for the movie, so perhaps it would be worth the movie ticket price?

Yes indeed.

I already miss "Skeeter".

Wasn't she fantastic?!

And I love when you can love/hate the villains:

The styles of the 60's are just eye candy for me.  

 Each scene sucked you in because every character had their own story.

 My only complaint is that there wasn't enough.  I just fell in love with these women and want to know the rest of their stories.  (Fictional, I know, but still...)

 In the end the story made me want to be brave and do something important.  ...But that won't last long because later this week my buddy is bring the Oceans 11 & 12 movies over.  I haven't seen 'em but I bet those make me want to be a fancy crook, right?


And happy birthday! to my wickedly-tenacious Brenda.

I just love her lots.


Sue O said...

You Need To Read The Book. That is all I have to say.

Kathy said...

I'm here to second Sue. If you want more, it's in the book! I loved the movie too, but there were certain characters that couldn't get their full stories just because of the time limitations of movies. I felt the men in particular were more developed in the book, even though it's definitely about the women. The relationship with Skeeter and her boyfriend was much more interesting in the book I thought. The acting in the movie was fantastic and I loved all the sets and clothing too. So cool!

Radke said...

I absolutely LOVED the book! I still haven't seen the movie for fear it won't live up to my expectations. Maybe some day I will. READ THE BOOK!!

DeAnn said...

Yes, read the book! It was a great movie.

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