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Friday, October 28, 2011

keeping points

I took a "Love and Logic" parenting class a few years ago.  LOVED it.  I left thinking, "OK, I got this..."  And since then I can say that while the parenting that's in my head is pretty impressive, what actually occurs is more mediocre.  I think I'm just too lazy to be an A+ parent.  ...So maybe I'm giving myself too many props for the victory this evening.


Remember this post?

Well it is indeed working.

So as Brenda (flashing her clean, pearly whites) triumphantly accepted another NEW lego set, I sat back, folded my arms and thought, "Yes little lady, you think you're in control?  Yeah, you go ahead and think that..." 

Point for Lindsay!


Radke said...

Way to go, Linds. Whatever works, right? Well, within reason anyway:) I love the Love and Logic books. So many great ideas, although some don't always work for my youngest but a lot of them do and it helps keep me sane at times.

GoofyJ said...

yay! I love it when you find tricks that work for kiddos - such an awesome mommy moment :-)

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