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Friday, September 24, 2010

8 steps to Mario

Richard Garfield III?
Mr. Bingley?
Mario.Yeah, yeah. We got a cat. Thanks to an allergic friend...
Mike and I sat on the hallway floor throwing names around and it was Brenda who, while coaxing him out from under her bed, called him Mario.
It's been fun to watch Brenda become his faithful guardian. She showed Suzie how to pet him softly saying, "Like this Suzie." (waving hand in air) And when Suzie was soft Brenda laughed and said, "That's SO cute!"

Garret only glanced Mario's way with a little smile and a wave. That relationship may take some time.

And for two adults
who have always claimed to not be "cat people", Mike and I are sure acting mushy...

And just to give the real baby of the family some props-
Here's The Suz coming out of the back room all dressed up and demanding an outing. As I had no such outing planned, Mike stepped up and took Suzie to work (the shop on the other side of the yard) for a daddy-daughter date.


Becca Jane said...

This might be my favorite post of yours, ever. Adorable. Beautiful. Enjoy Mario, I love him already!!

Christy Jones said...

Cute name!! Have fun with him!!

Kathy said...

I think it might be my favorite post too! I'm not a cat person, but that is a seriously cute cat and how sweet Brenda is! I love that! And that picture of Suzie is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. Oh my goodness, who could resist taking her out?

Radke said...

What a cute kitten. Mario is a cute name too. I love Suz's outfit. She looked great for her daddy daughter date.

Brenda said...


Do you notice that there is a resemblance between Suzie and Mario? Same eyes and hair color.

One question: How are you handling the litter box issue?

lindsay said...

Thanks ladies!
Mom- we've got the box under the rocking chair and so far, it's working.

nuttbutts said... glad i looked at this while the kiddos were still sleeping. we have had a few meltdowns over kitty being gone. glad he is in a good home and you all are enjoying him!

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