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Thursday, September 2, 2010

a predicament

I thought I'd take a break from photoshop to do some menial journaling but alas, while waiting for some pics to load on the photoblog I became engrossed in a grueling game of freecell. This one was a toughy. Now, wanting to be a good wedding photographer, I think I should get back to my photo-enhancing but here's my sad post-page sitting, neglected...

So a quick post-

Yesterday I was a grumpy mommy. After a destructo-rich trip to my parents' place I thought I'd never take the kids out of the house again. (Hi Mom! Let me know when I can come fix the wall. ...and the carpet.)

I was better today. I smiled during Garret's multiple baths. Brenda's kitchen nightmare. The sibling rivalry. Even smiled during the 86 poopy diapers. (the number is an estimate)

How did I stay charming?


So what we have here is a predicament.

'Cause I wanna be a good mommy. my hot jeans.


Time to start planning a b-day party for Garret and Brenda. Any ideas?


Brenda said...

We just got back from Home Depot and will soon have locks on EVERYTHING! Now the kidlets will be less free to roam. Sad for them probably but happy for us -- and less nerve-wracking for you. So bring 'em back! We love our grandkids.

As far as birthday ideas. Lots of balloons and a party hat for Brenda. That's probably all you need to do.

DebZ said...

When Ron was in the military, my mom would leave our children's handprints on the sliding glass door, and clean them off just before our next visit. It's a grandma thing. Brenda, not sure what precious artwork our grandchildren left at your house, but I have a lot of nice frames if you'd like one...or two...or more! =)

Radke said...

I think we all have those moments and it seems that eating helps us cope. But I agree, we need to stay in our hot mama jeans as well as nurse our emotional ups and downs. However, I am betting with all the running you do, you can get away with emotional snacking from time to time.
And as for parties, my kids love balloons and forts made out of boxes. It's easy and fun for them then they get cake. What could be better?

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