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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who are you calling Stinky?

One of my favorite lines in 'You've Got Mail' is from Joe Fox- "I would send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils..." I thought of this when titling my last post, (BTW- Thanks for the comments! Good thoughts from good people...) and I thought of it again tonight as I sat down to blog. (How long has 'blog' been a verb?)

If I were really cool, I would decorate my home with apples, chalk-boards, school bus artwork, and a pencil-bouquet or two, from mid-August until the pumpkins get carved. Perhaps I should have been a teacher. (I would be a great one if it weren't for the teaching part.)

Today was day 2 for Brenda (the sauciest 1st-grader in Seussville). And while she was happily learning away, Garret met his new teacher in his new classroom wearing new pants. (He was wearing the pants, not his teacher.) (Though her pants may have been new. She was dressed very nice.) (He fashionably starts Friday.) I signed up for some professional volunteering (experience makes you pro, right?) and Thursday I will sign up with the PTSO (Parent-Teacher-Student-Organization).

There's just something about this time of year that makes me rise to super-mom status.

It's just temporary, though. It won't be long before my pencil bouquets are all dull with missing erasers and my drive to be involved is strangely blurred by the drama on "Biggest Loser". (Gillian is AWESOME, except for when she tries to be a psychotherapist. I think she thinks that she's a doctor and I find that annoying, but hey, I'd sign up for a work-til-you-puke workout anyday. I'd be one of those people that is quiet 'til pushed so hard that their eyes bulge, they yell, they flail... and make tv magic.)

Oh boy, should I get to the point? Here it is-

Brenda in 1st grade.
Saucy, right?

Stay tuned for the reveal of Garret's 1st-day pics. 'Cause they don't exist yet.

So after all that I ought to call it a post and a night, but there's more! The Portland Zoo had an evening of free delights for families with disabilities. (I have a drooling problem so we were shoo-ins.) It was I, my mom, the kidlets, a bunch of other sweet families, aaaaaaand not many animals.

...must've been nap time.
It was a nice crowd, though. Nobody blinked an eye when Brenda covered her ears and screeched or when Garret wandered through strangers to steal their food.... Nice crowd.

Are you done yet, Lindsay?


Here is the stinkiest, stinker in Stinkertown.
Thanks Mike, for ridding the stink-maker of that stinky diaper. Though the stink still lingers...


Anonymous said...

Brenda looks so cute! What a big girl!

nuttbutts said...

ahhhdorable! cant wait to see garret's pictures too. and by the way you would be an awsome teacher because you are so creative! yea i said creative. i know that has some stigma to it like you craft till your eyeballs fall out or something, but in the general term you are creative!

Oyama Family said...

I see so much Lindsay in Brenda :) She's beautiful! And so's your "stinker." BTW I love reading your blog!

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