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Saturday, March 5, 2011

another running post

How pathetic of me to be so frustrated this morning!

I had high hopes for this morning's 10k.  Soaring speeds?  A new personal record??

With all my recent running I didn't think I was being silly to hope.

There were a few factors that played into this being one of my worst times as of yet-  Still getting over the cold.  Not much sleep.  Needing a bathroom for the last 5 miles...  So I left the park just poo-pooing the whole event. 

Silly, silly Lindsay...

Later today I almost teared up at the uproar on facebook and shout-outs on fellow runner's blogs.  I cheered over the fun pictures and ribbons won.  For a few friends, it was their first big event.  For some, it was a continued triumph with ribbons and time.  

And for me

it is the joy of being part of something I love, surrounded by people I love.

So my tune changed.

This morning was AWESOME!

And come Monday morning I'll be clamoring to get out on my beloved country roads for some more...

(pre-run bathroom trip NOT neglected)



Loren said...

all I can say is, Amazing!
I just realized a new level of determination you have.
A week with sick kids would have taken me out of the game.
hugs(kps because I am too lazy to switch accounts right this minute)

Jen said...

Cheering you on! I think you are amazing and you inspire me to get out there and run too!

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