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Friday, March 4, 2011

a little indulgence


We've all been sick.  Here it is Friday afternoon and I think I've had about 9 hours of sleep all week.  Exaggeration?  OK, maybe a tad.  But I'm pooped and needless to say, grumpy.

So to cheer myself up this post is going to be a list of some of my pet peeves. 

Then I'm gonna have some ice-cream.  


Here we go: 

printed words on pants' bottoms  (Come ladies, let's have some class...)

milk left out  (To me, it's ruined after about 10 minutes.)

using the "word" LURRRVE to express extreme love  (lame)

anyone, for any reason, protesting at a funeral  (that's just cruel)

actors giving thanks to God while accepting an award for their shameful, immoral movie role (really?)

cereal's listed serving size as 1/3 cup (REALLY??)

spiders thinking that my casa is their casa  (Get your own casa.)

water up my nose

babies with pierced ears

a tin full of pens and having trouble finding one that writes

All this list-making has made me feel refreshed!  Why is that?  Maybe now you're all feeling tense and frustrated and you know how misery loves company... 

Oh I'm obnoxious.

P.S.  Any of my dear friends who wear pants with words on their butts, or like old milk, or plan on protesting my funeral... we can still be friends.  I'll just be rolling my eyes behind your back...


Anonymous said...

I am so on board with 100% of forgot:
people clipping their nails in church, stick figure tickers on minivans(hello, calling all pedophiles), and waiting in line at Wal Mart. Yay for pet peeves!

Sue O said...

Ditto to all of those. I could probably add a few more if I thought about it, but I'm on holiday and refuse to contemplate annoying things.

DeAnn said...

I luuuuurve that list. oops. That's actually the one i agree with most. :) I would add people writing loose when they mean lose.

I'm pooped too after baking 3 cakes, a batch of cupcakes, sugar cookies and lots and lots of frosting the past 3 days.

Christy Jones said...

The cereal thing is pretty crazy, I mean really who only eats 1/3 cup??

Brenda said...

I have a new one, since I'm currently shopping for a new swimsuit: Having to go up 2 sizes, so it is not so tight that I have to become a contortionist to get it off! Who sizes these things anyway??

Val said...

Oooo...I would be way impressed to see you roll your eyes at your funeral!

hopeE said...

ha ha! 100% agreement! along with people who don't know the difference between your and you're and were, where and we're. drives me nuts!! apparently I don't have the same issue with partial sentences :?

Radke said...

Such a great post. I totally agree with everything everyone has said. Hope you all are feeling better.

Kendall Brady said...

I'm going to protest my own funeral. I'll have a video prepared.
"Mom! Put some shoes on me!"
"I didn't even like half you losers!!"
"Hey YOU! You're not crying enough!!!"

Wonderful World of Wirfs said...

I agree with all of the except the baby ear piercing. That was a MUST when I found out we were having a girl. I figured I only get one girl so I'm gonna live it up. :)

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