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Monday, March 7, 2011


Yesterday I made a sudden trip up to Doernbecher's Children Hospital.  Little baby M's body had crashed so badly that the doctors were telling the family to be prepared.  We (Sara, Anna, and I) grabbed our cameras and prayed together for the strength to not "fall apart".

His parents were so tired but relieved that he was now stable.  They welcomed us in, cameras and all, with warm smiles and updates.   I know very little about Krabbe's Disease, but I know it is dreadfully scary.

He is so little (even with the puffiness).  You look at this beautiful, chubby baby and just want him to "coo" and giggle.  It felt so unnatural.

 I suppose "helpless" is not the right title.  There has been a tremendous surge of prayers and assistance from the church and the community.   Our hearts ache for this family, but there is strength in knowing that our loving Heavenly Father has a plan for Baby M, his (similarly-diagnosed) brother, and all of us.  And though I can't begin to understand the suffering that this family is experiencing, I know that God understands.

What a glorious gift that is.

Please pray for Baby M!


Maecy said...

I will add my prayers. That is so hard.

Christy Jones said...

Thanks for posting about this family! What a difficult thing to go through!! I always hate seeing children hooked up to those machines. We will keep them in our prayers!

Bethany said...

Those pictures break my heart. I was wondering how they were doing, thanks for updating. They are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Brenda said...

I'm crying.

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