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Monday, March 28, 2011

I should be taking notes...

Don't tell my Sunday school teacher that I was a bit bored in class yesterday.

So when Garret's teacher poked her head in and beckoned me with her eyes (non-romantically) I shuffled out a little too excitedly.

"We have a little problem"  She said with a grin.

sniff, sniff

"OK, thanks.  I'll have him back in class soon."

We strolled to the car slowly so to enjoy every drop of rain that tickled our faces.  Luckily I had just settled for a messy pony-tail that day.  From the car it was another walk to the garbage bins.  Garret, with a renewed freshness, wiggled and giggled next to me.  He had to pause to stomp on the cement walkway, tap a bush, and twirl once or twice.  Once inside we stopped to admire a glass door, the carpet, a drinking fountain, more carpet, a fake plant or two.  I nodded with a smile to the other people in the halls.  Garret greeted others with a grin or an arm flap.  And then he was back, welcomed by his classmates.

"Hi Garret!  Where did you go?"

(more Garret giggles)

Back with my classmates we had a nice discussion about how to be better teachers/leaders.  How to uplift our students and families.  How to apply the Gospel in our everyday lives.  I appreciated the reminder to study the scriptures daily so that we're better prepared for those sudden teaching moments.

And I'm glad I was prepared to learn from Garret when he took me twirling in the rain.


Becca Jane said...

Beautiful post! I love this.

Brenda said...

This is Garret's purpose. To keep your "inner child" alive and well.
"Except ye … become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom".

nuttbutts said...

we had fun sitting with garret during sacrament meeting. anna tried to get him to color with crayons and a color book but he ate the crayons which made all the kids giggle a little. thanks for letting me steal him for a little!

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