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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


During my turn staying up with Garret I've been passing the time with some memorization skills.  (There are 3 or 4 of you that will get this...)

Becky- bubbles
Garth- million dollar man
Tina- England
Scott- Nebraska
Kelly- ran a race in her SWEAT PANTS
etc, etc...

Well that is entertainment in itself but I've also made some coffee breakfast cake.  Burnt on the edges, perfection in between.  And while I'm enjoying that there is a little plastic goat staring at me from across the counter.  Suzi needs to put her toys away.

Do you see why I haven't blogged in a week??  My mind is mush and everything else is business as usual. 

I need a haircut.

Becky- bubbles
Garth- million dollar man


nuttbutts said...

and you still manage to run 16 miles...amazing!

Brenda said...

I went home and looked up the name of my (your) ancestor who helped with the rescue of the WM handcart people. Hosea Stout. (Also for the 3 or 4 who will get this.)

Val said...

I was going to be really funny and ask you to take our family pictures on the days of the trek. I think I'll choose another day to be funny. Hope you get some sleep soon!

Bethany said...

So what was Chris'?

lindsay said...

Chris- wheelchair boy!

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