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Thursday, March 10, 2011

with our powers combined...

I remember a conversation I had with sis-in-law, Anna.  We were discussing our design styles.  She is warm and welcoming traditional-tuscan and I aaaaamm.... 

(We had trouble defining my decorating taste.)

Well Anna, I'VE GOT IT!! 

I am Emily Henderson.

Feel free to call me Em.

Genius how she's bold without overdoing it.
I'm drooling over those leather sling-armed chairs...

A little vintage, a little retro, a little casual, a little surprising...  Her spaces just look/feel easy.  Not easy to do, but easy to live.  
Know what I mean?

Emily sitting in the room that gave her the win on HGTV's Design Star.

SO, I'm doing what I can to entice her to my home for some charity decorating.  (I left a comment on her blog offering to make her some of my divine cinnamon roles.)  But I'm hoping that if any of my friends out there ever get to meet her, would you put in a good word for me???  I'd appreciate it.

Because together, we can make this happen.


Brenda said...

The word is eclectic. Which, btw, is considered quite chic.

Christy Jones said...

I can see why you like her. She puts a lot of style and fun into her rooms. I make sure to put in a good word for you the next time I see her!

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