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Monday, November 21, 2011

Can you feel the endorphins?

Let's start with today:

I stood at the window watching the cold rain and wind and mumbled, "I really need to run today".  Mike sighed and said, "Well, guess I should give you your Christmas present now."  (I swear, I am the calm and collected one when it comes to keeping presents on the down-low.  Mike is another story...)

He jaunts to the other room and comes out with two packages.

My husband bought me cold-weather running clothes!

SO comfortable- I was torn between running and just taking a nap!

Well I did run.  A fun, fast 5 miles.  And at one point when I was tempted to slow down just 'cause sometimes running is hard, I thought- I can't go slow when I look so cool!

Good run.  Thanks Hun.

Now Saturday:

I had the absolute pleasure of assisting in putting together a charity run for a most worthy cause.

 I didn't do much.  Just helped brainstorm, set-up, and take pictures. 

We had an exceptionally nice crowd, good vibe, and perfect weather!

The discussion of next year's run has already begun.  Both the successes and the not-so-successes of this year gave us ideas and inspiration for next.  It is going to be AWESOME.

THANK YOU to those of you who participated!  For more info on the charity go to this site(Pictures from the event will be there soon!)


Brenda said...

Love the clothes!

nuttbutts said...

i love the clothes! ya wanna sport them for me tomorrow at 8?

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