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Monday, November 7, 2011

If this were a cooking blog...'d be mostly reading about sandwiches, cereal and soup from a can.

But today?

Ahhh today.

Well, I made pizza.

Not just any pizza, but gluten-free pizza.


It was pretty easy with a mix.


OK, so that's not so impressive...


Lora said...

How was the crust? I tried one of the mixes before (not that brand) and it was so gross. Always looking for a new gluten free food! :) Are you off gluten or the kids? By the way...I'm still impressed!

lindsay said...

Well, the crust was gross with the thickness the recipe called for. So we thinned it out, almost like a tortilla and then it was pretty good! And just Garret is off gluten and casein. (I can't afford to do it with all the kids!)

DebZ said...

What do you mean....not so impressive??? I am very impressive... I mean... IMPRESSED!

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