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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

early Thanksgiving

After a delicious Thanksgiving meal last Saturday I sat with my Grandma and talked about kids.  Grandma joked that I should never say I'm done having kids.  Saying that just gave her more.  8 total.  I laughed and said I didn't know if I could handle more.  She patted my hand and laughed with me.  I told her about seeing the old farmhouse that she and Grandpa had bought and fixed up when first moving to Oregon.   She sighed and said how much she loved that house.  Then asked again how many kids I have.

We talked about Grandpa, his 4 heart surgeries, and what a trooper he was to make it to 85.  I remember being young (maybe 7?) and going to visit him in the hospital.  He had seemed excited to show me the staples in his chest.  He had laughed at my wide-eyed reaction.

My dad's parents- 2005

I had a moment feeling sad that my kids won't remember my Grandpa, and may not have many memories of my grandma.  But then realized they have some equally wonderful grandparents in both my parents and Mike's.

And someday Suzie might sit with my mom and talk about what she remembers from her early years.  I doubt she'll remember Saturday, how my dad broke out some awesomely-powerful nerf guns and declared war on all of us.  What a great memory that would be ...sitting safely with Grandma watching the rest of us tear through the house with war paint on our faces yelling death threats and battle cries.

If she remembers anything I hope it's that I won the final battle.

Yeah, that's what this post was all about and I've got the scars to prove it.


Christy Jones said...

That is so cool!! Its fun for your kids that your grandparents are still living!! Mine all died by the time I was 8. You do have cool parents and your dad looks just like his dad!

nuttbutts said...

i remember your grandparents! does that count? i love the looks on suzies face...what a ham!

Cory Reese said...

This is awesome! And I loved looking through your pictures - you have a serious eye for photography.

Christopher and Kimberly said...

Oh I relate so much to this post. However, I have yet to see my dad break out a nerf gun and declare war on us. LOL!!! Thank you for sharing; reading this had me thinking about my grandparents. I don't think my kids will ever meet them, if we are lucky maybe, but time is passing quickly and they are far away. I love my grandparents, and yours sound just as awesome as mine ;)

DebZ said...

Ah, Lindsay. I want to read the book you will, perhaps, write someday!!!! You have a gift! Now, about your children (not) remembering or (not) knowing your grandparents. They can..... and this blog post is a wonderful start!

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